Category: Webinars

April: 2015 ACA Employer Checklist

April’s webinar gives you a review the Affordable Care Act’s insurance mandates and market reforms applicable to employers in 2015, including: Other federal laws affecting employee benefit plans Permissible plan design options available under the ACA Reference-based pricing Approaches to avoid Presenter: Stacy...

/ March 2, 2015

February: ACA Employer Look-Back Measurement Periods

February’s webinar provides a deep dive into the ACA’s measurement and stability periods including: The monthly and look-back measurement methods for identifying full-time employees How to address changes in employment status, breaks in service, and employees whose hours are difficult...

/ March 2, 2015

January: Surviving a DOL Audit

January’s webinar covers the the fiduciary issues related to group health plans including: The audit process and some of the issues that might trigger an agency audit Tips for dealing with agencies’ document requests in a responsive manner What issues...

/ March 2, 2015