Case Studies

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Managing Employee Benefit Costs

While most organizations were cutting employee benefit plans, Exude was able to add new benefit plan enhancements while delivering a 0% medical renewal increase.

Integrating Wellness with your Employee Benefits Strategy

Saved 20% on employee benefit costs in year one

attract and retain talent

Employee Retention – Root Cause

Redesigned key business processes to attract and retain talent

risk management

Property & Casualty Insurance: Managing Auto Exposure

Client saved 20% on property and casualty insurance premium.

workers compensation

Using Healthcare Insights to Manage Workers Comp

Reduced RX/Medical utilization by 15% and workers compensation by 10%

Mitigating Risk and Improving HR policies

Our holistic approach saved the client time, money and resources during a period of rapid growth.

Benefit Plans and the Employee Expierence

Improving Employee Benefits through Communication

Improved the employee benefits communication and overall employee experience through Exude’s dedicated employee benefits team.

Employee Benefit Strategy for Merger

In the end, under intense time constraints, Exude was able to provide our client a comprehensive yet simple benefits package that is competitive in the marketplace to attract and retain talent and meet the financial objectives of the organization.

Alternative Funding: Savings & Renewal Increase Mitigation

In the end, Exude was able to provide our client a program that not only mitigated the 17% increase, but also ended in a savings of $148k over the fully insured renewal.

Improving the Overall Employee Experience

By creating intentional HR touchpoints we created a more engaged, connected staff that better reflected their employer brand and delivered their desired employee experience.

Culture & Engagement Issues

Through an organizational health assessment, Exude got to the root-cause of culture/engagement issues.

level funding solutions

Level-Funding: Significant Savings with Unchanged Plan Design

The implemented level-funded program allowed the employee plan designs as well as payroll contributions to remain unchanged for the first time in 5 years!