Human Capital Management, Leadership

Employee Performance: Finding & Implementing a System


A for-profit client based in Boston with more than 500 employees was having challenges gathering feedback on employee performance. The client was looking to implement a performance management system to better aggregate data and allow managers to access this data in a single source. As they were preparing to grow, they set an aggressive deadline to select and implement the system. The sole HR person recommended the company engage an external expert to manage the system selection process and help with system implementation.


Exude worked diligently to understand the client’s unique business requirements and to find the right system for their business strategy. After researching multiple options, our team identified three potential systems, ran demos for the client and supported them in selection and implementation of the system that best aligned to their needs. Once implemented, Exude ran a pilot version with a select group and created a training schedule to prepare employees for the change. Our team elicited employee feedback and made adjustments as needed before the launch.

Working with the client, our team developed a communication strategy by identifying key stakeholders, creating a timeline and drafting talking points to keep messaging around the new performance management system consistent across all channels. Throughout the entire process, Exude spoke weekly with the client to ensure deadlines were being met and concerns were addressed. Because the client was in a different state, it was important to keep open lines of communication and have continuous emails and conference calls to hold each part accountable.


Exude was able to provide the client with a smooth implementation process, completed within the expected timeline and budget. The client was thrilled with the results, and said:

“The level of detail, research and knowledge required was immense and the Exude Team exceeded every expectation we had.  They had a perfect balance of pushing the team to be accountable to timelines, while also doing a significant amount of heavy lifting on their own.  I would highly recommend Exude.  We WILL BE using Exude on future HR projects.”