Nonprofit Organizations

Since nonprofit organizations use most of their funding to further their missions, they often struggle with the inability to offer high wages and rich benefits for demanding jobs. However, when your nonprofit can achieve a balanced offering of pay, benefits and additional perks, you will improve employee retention and therefore see a greater return on your investment.

As the go-to partner for over 150 nonprofit organizations, Exude is uniquely positioned to fully understand nonprofit workplace and bring best in class ideas and best practices to support you organizational strategy. We know that day in and day out, your employees are fulfilling your mission by advocating for the communities you serve. Exude specializes in providing you and your employees with the same level of care that your nonprofit provides to the community. Our in-house, nonprofit experts provide support to employers in the following areas: Employee Benefits, Human Capital, Retirement Planning, and Risk Management.

Customized Solutions for Nonprofits

Nonprofits have unique businesses and goals and therefore require a partner that understands the industry. Exude’s in-house nonprofit experts have experience and resources to support our nonprofit clients with the following solutions:

Employee Benefits

One of the most important parts of your Total Rewards Strategy is your employee benefits package. Our employee benefits consultants are experts in the nonprofit space and use Exude’s E4™ framework to guide you in creating an affordable employee benefits package the meets the needs of your unique staff. We work hand-in-hand with your throughout the entire process to ensure your employee benefits strategy aligns with your organizational goals.
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HR Compliance

Assess your organization’s practices to avoid fines, lawsuits, and ensure that you are in compliance with state and federally mandated laws, specific to you nonprofit’s needs.
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Diversity & Inclusion

Nonprofits regularly serve underprivileged and diverse communities so their staffs must be well verse on diversity and inclusion best practices. We partner with nonprofits to identify strategies that create a culture of inclusion and train your employees on the necessary behaviors to be a fully inclusive workforce that fosters efficiency, productivity, and success.
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HR Outsourcing

Exude will match you with one of our HR consultants who fit your culture, your specific issues, and your real-world budget. We have HR consultants that specialize in nonprofit organizations and can provide short and long term support in all areas of human resources.
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A Word From Our Nonprofit Clients

Check out how we helped one of our nonprofit clients, Community Legal Services, implement employee benefits solutions, training and development, and a wellness program to meet the needs of their diverse population while saving money.

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Alison DiFlorio, Managing Partner, Human Capital Consulting

Working Together For You

We have a firm belief that when we help your people be the best versions of themselves, your company will be its best. Our integrated approach leverages our team of experts to improve your employee and customer experiences while driving greater business results. Exude looks at your business across the four key links: Employee Benefits, Human Resources, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion and Training & Development.

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