Human Capital Management, Leadership

Culture & Engagement Issues


A large non-profit school in Philadelphia, with a new management team believed they had employee engagement issues. The client felt that the teachers were engaged with the classroom and students but not the organization. They felt that there was a culture challenge.


Exude performed a firm wide assessment to help address the root-cause of culture/engagement issues. Exude collaborated with this client to implement an organizational culture assessment. During this process, we addressed employee concerns via an engagement survey, conducted a deep dive analysis of their processes and policies and presented a prioritized action plan.


  • Implemented annual workforce planning session that reviews strategic goals, aligns stakeholders with vision and creates ownership
  • The leadership team has become more intentional about communicating a shared vision and strategic goals to its staff  (avoid change fatigue)
  • Revised management and internal training along with onboarding plan to align with desired culture.