Human Capital Management, Leadership

HR Assessments to Improve Organizational Culture


The organization engaged an Exude consultant to serve in an Interim HR Director role after the previous HR leader left the organization. Senior leadership was concerned that there may be aspects of the HR function that could have been improved and they were looking for an experienced HR professional to provide some feedback for improvement.


Through the role as the Interim HR Director, and with support from the team at Exude, the HR consultant conducted a comprehensive HR Assessment. This involved reviewing all HR processes and policies with a particular focus on how the HR function was supporting the desired organizational culture. Exude presented the assessment findings along with recommendations for improvement to the senior team.


The client was appreciative of the highly professional feedback and  the HR consultant is currently working with the organization to implement the high priority recommendations while continuing to support the interim role. This feedback also helped the leadership to gain a better sense of the experience, skills and qualifications needed as they move to bring in a permanent team member for the HR Director role.

Other key measurable results included:

  • Increase in satisfaction from the members of the senior team with the HR function.
  • Through the use of Exude’s unique and well-designed HR Assessment tools, the consultant was able to gain the insights of all members of the senior team with regard to their feedback, goals and aspirations for the future of the organization’s HR Department.
  • Once this information was received, the consultant was able to implement several small but meaningful improvements within the HR function to allow for smoother processes and quicker turnaround time with key functions like recruitment.