Services Focused on Your Organization’s People

Exude takes a holistic approach to optimizing the core areas of your business: Leadership, Human Capital Management, Total Rewards, and Risk Management.


Executive Coaching

Exude offers private executive coaching for the “whole leader.” These sessions are customizable to meet the needs of the client. We focus on leadership development as well as self- leadership.

Employee Engagement

It’s no secret that organizations with poor employee engagement have low morale, high turnover and high absenteeism. Our approach can improve this by assessing where you are in your current state and identifying opportunities to better align with your desired state. We’ll partner with you to prioritize and define mutually reinforcing solutions to drive employee engagement.

Training & Development

Exude’s corporate trainings are interactive, activity-oriented and provide learners with the tools and resources to support immediate implementation of new skills with the goal of building confidence and competence.

Performance Management

Performance management comes in all shapes and sizes. We work with you to deliver what’s best for your organization whether it’s an internal tool or a complex Performance Management System. We’ll design the tools, define outcomes, and communicate the changes to make sure your performance management process is clear and effective.

HR Compliance

Exude’s HR compliance team partners with you and your HR team to deliver a roadmap to effective and compliant HR policies and procedures. This assessment will help you create efficiencies around HR processes  so that you can fully utilize your HR team.

Human Capital & Culture

We’ll work with you to create a prioritization plan, review employee policies and procedures, evaluate current employment practices against the marketplace, and align HR focus areas to the strategy of the organization.

Workforce Transformation

We’ll understand your strategic goals and assess your organization to see where you are current state against those goals. Then, through a variety of intake interviews with your key stakeholders, surveying your staff, and performing a gap analysis, we will help create an implementation plan for your organization.

Outsourced HR

Exude will match you with one of our HR pros who fit your culture, your specific issues, and your real-world budget. Our cadre of highly qualified HR consultants, with designations from PHR to PHD, provide short and long term interim support in all areas of human resources.

Diversity & Inclusion

Create a culture of inclusion to help your employees thrive and show up authentically. By evaluating your current business practices, you can make sure that your workplace is inclusive and attracts and retains diverse talent.

Benefits Consulting

First we listen, then we customize. We take the time upfront to understand your goals, challenges, and culture before designing a custom multi-year strategy that will attract and retain the talent you need.  We use Exude’s strategic framework to guide us through the entire process to ensure your plan works for you and aligns with your people and business strategy.


Do you have the right strategy in place to attract, retain and motivate the talent your business needs? We’ll pair you with an expert consultant who will work to understand your strategy and culture to ensure your compensation strategy is right for your business and employees. We’ll assess, design and implement your entire compensation strategy


Retirement plans are a key component of your total rewards strategy. We focus on creating, implementing, and supporting retirement plans that are customized to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. We carry fiduciary responsibility for the plans we manage, and let independence, objectivity, and transparency guide us in this role.


Exude offers innovative, results-based solutions designed to help organizations create thriving workplaces where employees are healthier, happier, engaged, and high performing. Our holistic approach addresses the “whole” employee and takes into account that their well-being directly impacts productivity, engagement, and the overall success of your organization.



Exude and ECBM strive to become an extension of your internal risk management efforts. We maintain a steadfast commitment to assisting you in protecting your assets. Above all, we advocate to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone.

Insurance Solutions

We strive to provide that service by knowing our clients, their business needs, and providing quality insurance and risk management services to meet those needs. This includes cyber liability insurance, personal insurance, professional liability and worker’s compensation.

Risk Management Consulting

Our Risk Management Consulting Services encompass a wide variety of services including exposure identification and analysis techniques, as well as helping clients find creative financial alternatives that help improve cash flow and reduce overall costs. Through strategic partners, we can connect clients to loss prevention and reduction tools that eliminate or decrease loss potential.


Solutions designed for maximum impact on your business


Exude’s differentiator is the insights and results we create by understanding how the core areas of your business, Leadership, Human Capital, Total Rewards and Risk Management are interconnected.

Marcos Lopez, Founder & CEO

Solutions Designed for Your People

At Exude, we work with our clients to achieve organizational success by ensuring their strategy, culture, and employee experience are aligned. Our Philadelphia-based team includes individuals in their respective fields – however, the power of our deliverable is not in our great individual expertise, but rather when we work together as one.

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