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Our Approach to Organizational Health

Of course we manage costs, provide remarkable service and lower risks.  However, our differentiator is the insights and results we create by understanding how the core areas of your business, Leadership, Human Capital, Total Rewards and Risk Management are mutually reinforcing. This approach is designed to help you achieve the greatest impact on your business results, employee experience and customer experience.



Human Capital Management

Total Rewards

Risk Management


Assess: Your Organizational Health

First, we’ll make sure we understand your vision, mission, values, and strategic objectives. Then, we’ll look at your organizational effectiveness across four key focus areas: Leadership, Human Capital Management, Total Rewards, and Risk Management.


Diagnose: Summary Report & Recommendations

We’ll provide you with a detailed report that summarizes our findings and outlines specific recommendations and we’ll work collaboratively with you to create a prioritized list of potential solutions.


Treat: Implement Solutions

Working closely with the relevant stakeholders, we not only treat the symptoms, we also create a multi-pronged plan to address the fundamental people, process and technology issues affecting your organization.


Check-Up: Measure Success

With the new plan in place, we’ll work together to evaluate the positive impact we’ve made. There are tangible and intangible ways to measure organizational health.

Our experts work together to help your organization operate intentionally, manage effectively, change appropriately and proactively, and grow from within.


Help you achieve the greatest impact on culture and organizational success

Need a custom plan designed for your team?

Measuring Success

There are tangible and intangible ways to measure organizational health. Below are just some of the metrics we use at Exude to measure the impact of our solutions.

  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased Profit
  • Human Capital Value Added
  • New Hire Failure Rate
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Attrition
  • Time to fill (open positions)
  • Rate of Internal Job Hires
  • Absenteeism Rate
  • Customer Service Satisfaction
  • Healthcare Expense per Employee
  • Number of Insurance Claims
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