Total Rewards, Total Well-Being

Integrating Wellness with your Employee Benefits Strategy


Since the onset of our partnership in 2009, Exude works as the trusted advisor for this Philadelphia based nonprofit. Through understanding their long-term business goals and talent management strategy Exude has provided an employee benefits consulting strategy that integrated employee wellness and decreased healthcare costs.


Through our holistic approach, we determined a solution that not only revamped their employee benefit strategy and plan designs but also improved the well-being of each employee. ┬áThe strategy we created integrated employee wellness, employee benefit plans, and the business’ overall values and goals.


  • Moved their employee benefit plan to a self-funded, captive arrangement.
    • Saved them 20% on healthcare costs in year one
    • Saved them 26% on healthcare costs in year two
  • Introduced and rolled out onsite biometric screenings to improve wellness
  • Implemented Cultural Wellness Programs which drove employee engagement