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Employment Policy & Procedure

Whether you know it or not, your policies and procedures could be affecting your organizational health. The human resources policies and procedures you set guide your organization’s behaviors. If they aren’t crafted and implemented carefully, they may cause misalignment in your organization. We work with you to assess your current vs. desired state across your organizations policies and procedures including employee handbooks.

Employee Handbooks & Handbook Reviews

One of the most common ways we help clients is by updating or revising their employee handbooks. Creating and updating an employee handbook on your own can be challenging and expose you to unnecessary risk. With the support of Exude you’ll save time and get a peace of mind knowing your handbook is in compliance and aligned with your organizational culture.

Our HR consultants will meet your create custom, one-of-a-kind employee handbooks that meet your organizational needs and match your culture. If you make major changes to your policies Exude will not only provide new language for your handbook but provide training on the changes so everyone is aligned

Exude’s employee handbooks will help your organization

  • Stay compliant with state and federal policies – It is an ever changing world and staying ahead of the latest policy change is challenging. Exude’s dedicated team is up to date on all the latest state and federal policies so you rest assured your handbook will be compliant.
  • Minimize your liability – your handbook is written and designed by experienced HR consultants who know the law.
  • Avoid time consuming and generic downloads – no one organization is the same so our team spends the time getting your know your business before carefully crafting a employee handbook that fits your culture.

If your handbook hasn’t been reviewed recently by an experienced professional you might be putting your organization at risk.

Maintaining well-written and up-to-date employee handbooks will help your organization inform employees of important policies, procedures, and rules. Updated handbooks also help to prevent harassment and other forms of discrimination in the workplace. If needed, a handbook can be used in a legal situation if an employee files a claim. We can look at your existing handbook and make recommendations for compliance updates and HR best practices.


At Exude, our human resource consultants will work with your key stakeholders to assess your current human resource polices and/or develop new policies that fit your culture. Policies are written to reflect the tone and message that fits your culture and resonates with your people.  It’s a complex world and we review and/or draft policies that ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws


The procedures that you put in place span across your entire organization and impact every touch point throughout the employee experience. They influence everything from recruitment and selection to on-boarding and even termination. Our human resources consultants will help you optimize the way your business runs by conducting an assessment which provides:

  • Findings report based on assessment of organization’s procedures
  • Work prioritization planning session to help organize a roadmap for aligning procedures with desired impact.
  • Partner with internal resources to help build on recommendations
  • Strategize with organization to help execute changes

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Alison DiFlorio, Managing Partner, Human Capital Consulting

Working Together For You

At Exude, we work with our clients to achieve their optimal organizational health by ensuring their strategy, culture, and employee experience are aligned through a variety of assessments. Our Philadelphia-based team includes individuals in their respective fields – however, the power of our assessment deliverable is our ability to leverage talent across divisions and work together as one.

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