Diversity Assessments

It’s no secret that diverse companies outperform their less diverse competitors. But it can be a difficult and overwhelming process to implement a diversity and inclusion strategy. Organizations need to understand their current D&I strengths as well as areas of opportunities to create a more inclusive work environment.

Exude offers a Diversity Assessment that helps your organization capture the current state of your inclusion, equity and diversity efforts. Our assessment helps look at the big picture, define objectives, and begin implementing or recharging your meaningful diversity practices.

Our Approach

Our Diversity Assessment follows industry best practices and focuses on both quantitative and qualitative factors of your organization’s workplace, marketplace, and workforce when assessing your organization. Our diversity expert will guide you through the three-step process as outlined below:

  • Intake
    • Initial strategic planning meeting to clarify/discuss current culture and strategic diversity objectives
    • Review all diversity commitment docs, deliverables, and expectations of all audiences being assessed
  • Design
    • Build customize assessment for internal and external audiences
    • Implementation communications with online link and progress tracking
    • Administer the anonymous survey
    • Conduct Focus Group(s) as needed
  • Reporting
    • Data Analysis
    • Prepare report of findings and recommendations
    • Meeting with key stakeholders to deliver report and discuss findings and recommendations

Want to Learn More?

Benefits of a Diversity Assessment

After the analysis and reporting of your assessment is complete, you will be presented with a findings report. This report will help you:

  • Understand your organizations current D&I strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Identify differences in employee and leadership perceptions of D&I.
  • Provide direction on what your organization needs to do close the gap on diversity.
  • Create a baseline for monitoring the effectiveness and progress of your organizations diversity initiatives.
  • Garner employee ownership and involvement in the change process.

Once these changes are implemented, over time, organizations will see an increase in organizational performance and bottom line as a result of creating an inclusive workplace where employees are able to thrive. Not only will this retain employees, but it will make organizations attractive in the competitive market.