Karla Chin

Chief Wellbeing Officer

Karla Chin

It's gonna be great!

In September of 2014, Karla Chin joined the Exude team as Chief Wellbeing Officer.

Karla leverages 15 years of professional experience, training and expertise to help organizations implement strategies and offer deliverables focused on a “whole employee” and integrative approach to well-being.

Karla started her career in the benefits industry. Her exposure to increasing occurrences of health insurance claims and critical illnesses caused her to discover her passion for wellness and desire to help improve the well-being of individuals.

Karla left the benefits industry in 2007 to launch her own wellness consulting & coaching business. She developed a thriving practice that allowed her to gain valuable experience from working with a diverse group of clients with a variety of health & lifestyle challenges.  Karla has designed and implemented a wellness training program that focuses on resilience and self-leadership. This program, give employees the skills and training to become effective self-leaders. She’s been featured on CBS News as a health & lifestyle expert, presented in front of 5,000+ individuals at globally attended conferences, and has had the opportunity to deliver her coaching services and workplace well-being services to clients from all over North America.

Certifications & training include: Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Birkman Method Consultant, Certified Lifestyle Educator, Certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Eating Psychology Practitioner, and Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner.

Memberships include: American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), International Coach Federation (ICF), Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) Faculty Status.


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