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Developing Employee Resilience: A Win-Win Organizational Strategy

/ October 23, 2016 October 23, 2016


Getting out in front of the negative effects of stress is one of the most important investments an organization can make. Our Resilient Self-Leader Program can help you with just that!

Why is employee resilience important? Here are 5 reasons:

1. Stress costs American companies $300 billion per year. This high price tag is due to increased costs related to absenteeism, poor employee performance, and turnover. This doesn’t even take into account the impact of stress on health care costs.

2. Stress exacerbates the most expensive health conditions. Stress is a contributing factor to heart disease, obesity, insomnia, and a host of other medical conditions that contribute to colossal health care costs. Also, a recent study by Harvard Business School shows that stress can be as harmful to employees as exposure to secondhand smoke.

3. Resilient employees are 50% less likely to quit. Resilient employees are half as likely to quit, 57% less likely to suffer burnout, and are able to properly develop strategies to adapt to everyday stress and pressures.

4. Resilient employees are 4 times as likely to be satisfied at work. Employees that are happier with their jobs will be more productive and are more likely to have positive relationships, inside of work and out. Resilient workers are also 3 times more likely to have high net-promoter scores.

5. The ROI is substantial. With just a 3% improvement in overall resilience, there is an estimated return of over $600,000 per 1,000 employees due to improved productivity, turnover, and other costs.

Source: meQuilibrium

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