Resources & Support

Below are some resources to help guide you through this challenging time, minimize your risks and most importantly keep your organization and employees safe.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Creating a culturally sensitive and inclusive workplace is challenging, but necessary for a productive, innovative organization. Below are solutions and resources to help organizations work towards creating a truly inclusive environment.

HR & Benefits

In an effort to help employers best prepare to return to a safe and functional environment, Exude has prepared the free Return to Work resources below. Additionally, this section contains carrier information and compliance changes.

Employee Wellbeing

Below are well-being resources and webinars for employees to reduce stress and prioritize their mental health.

  • Webinars

    Upcoming Webinars:

    Increasing Resilience with a Growth Mindset

    A growth mindset is based on a belief that we are able to increase talent, performance, and even intelligence through curiosity, learning, effort, and discipline. Developing a growth mindset is vital to achieving your highest level of leadership presence. It’s one of the most critical factors in being an effective leader in “normal” times, but it’s even more essential now more than ever.

    Thursday, August 20th | 10:00-11:00am | Register Now

    Recorded Webinars:

    Nourishing Your Body While Managing Work, Family, and a Pandemic

    With all of the new responsibilities and life adjustments that have had to be made due to the pandemic, it’s completely understandable if eating healthy has not have been high of a priority during the past weeks. The goal of this session is to provide you with realistic and empowering recommendations for nourishing yourself as well as your family without guilt or stress.

    Webinar Recording

    Emotional Intelligence for Wellbeing

    Join this webinar to understand how emotions are stored in your body; why emotional awareness is a fundamental skill to emotional intelligence; and activities and tools for increasing self-awareness, self-management, and self-regulation.

    Audience: Employers & Employees

    Presenter: Karla Chin, Director of Total Well-Being and Holistic Health & Positive Psychology Practitioner

    Webinar Recording


    Wellness Webinar Series: Creating Connections & Resilience During COVID-19

    As a follow-up to our first wellness webinar series, we’re providing another complimentary 2-part series presented by Exude’s Karla Chin, Director of Total Well-Being and Holisitic Health & Positive Psychology Practitioner, to help both employers and employees manage stress and find peace during this tumultuous time.

    Part 1: Creating Thriving Connections During COVID-19

    Webinar Recording

    Part 2: Rewiring Your Brain for Resilience & Mindfulness

    Webinar Recording

    Wellness Webinar Series: Keep Calm and Carry On – Self-Care

    In an effort to find peace during a scary and tumultuous time, listen to part 2 of our 2-part wellness webinar series to prioritize your self-care.

    Webinar Recording | Webinar Handout | Webinar Exercise

    Wellness Webinar Series: Keep Calm and Carry On – Managing Stress

    In an effort to find peace during a scary and tumultuous time, listen to part 1 of our 2-part wellness webinar series to help manage stress.

    Webinar Slides | Webinar Recording

    The 3 R’s of Stress Management in Unprecedented Times 

    Karla Chin will discuss how COVID-19 may be causing increased stress for employees. She shares tips and strategies to effectively manage your energy. Get tips for getting better sleep and integrating relaxation into your life.

    Webinar Recording

  • Mental Health Toolkit

Additional Resources

For information around Risk Management and Retirement plans, along with other safety and financial resources, please visit the documents below.

A Word From Our Client

“I told Marcos that if anyone could make lemonade out of all of these lemons its EXUDE. Thank you for what you are doing at this very stressful time.”

-Marlene Olshan | CEO, Vetri Foundation

Need Help Managing COVID?

Exude is continuously monitoring the rapid changes as it relates to COVID-19 and remains committed to providing you with updated information and resources. We understand that this can be a challenging and scary time, but please know we are here to support you and your employees throughout these unprecedented circumstances. As always, we encourage you to contact a member of the Exude team with any questions you may have.

Be safe and stay well.

Alison DiFlorio, Managing Partner, Human Capital Consulting

Consulting Through a Crisis

Given the current situation, many business leaders are unexpectedly placed in a position to lead in unprecedented uncertainty. Exude’s Human Capital Consultants are available to provide guidance and support on some of the most pressing issues facing leaders today.

If you’re looking for additional support during this pandemic, we’re here to help.