Leadership Development

Everyone is a leader.  Some of us lead teams, some lead projects or processes, others lead the experience of our customers.  At Exude, we believe in inclusive leadership development that invites all to exercise their leadership abilities.  To do that, we start from a core foundation of four behaviors:

  • Be self-aware
  • Be inclusive
  • Be well
  • Be accountable

Our portfolio of offerings in leadership development are intentionally diverse.  Every organization is different, as is every growth strategy, so to think about an off-the-self, one-size-fits-all approach is not an option.  We have proven core ingredients that we use in our solution that are based on meeting your organization and your learners where they are at.

We believe learning is an experience tied to preparation, education, reflection and application.  For each of our client that looks different but all in, we’re focused on making sure our leadership training programs have the right focus on whatever you’re trying to solve for – upskilling, employee retention, employee engagement, movement, community building – or a combination of all those.

Leadership Development Training

The most basic element of our leadership development library is a 2.5-hour instructor-led leadership training course.  These modules can be conducted 100% virtual, 100% in-person, or blended.  We conduct an intake meeting with key stakeholders to connect our facilitator with the specific opportunity, and then send a short survey to the learners tied to the pre-work for the training.  Those two inputs and the strength of our facilitators is where the magic happens.  For each of these modules we also offer train-the-trainer leadership training programs and content licensing so you can lean on us for content and lean on your own team for delivery.

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Leadership Training Outcomes

The outcomes associated with leadership development are not only beneficial for the employee but helps the organization strengthen their internal teams to achieve strategic business goals. Some of the most common outcomes cited by our clients include:

  • Increased communication between leaders and their teams
  • Strengthened collaboration and negotiation techniques
  • Increased self-awareness in leaders and those they manage
  • Awareness of culture and how it shapes behavior and perspectives
  • Employee growth and preparedness for leadership roles when they arise

Did you know leadership development impacts these other areas?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We partner with you to identify strategies that create a culture of inclusion and train your employees on the necessary behaviors to be a fully inclusive workforce that fosters efficiency, productivity, and success.

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By developing leaders, you are helping your employees well-being and overall organizational success. Ultimately creating a thriving workplace with healthier, happier, engaged, and higher performing employees.

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Culture, Surveys & The Employee Experience

It’s our goal to help you improve your culture and employee experience. We listen to where your organization is, and what you want to accomplish.

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Compensation Consulting

Ensure your leaders are being compensated fairly and equitably. We’ll  pair you with a compensation consultant to ensure your compensation strategy is right for your business, employees, and fits into your overall HR & employee benefits strategy.

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Alison DiFlorio, Managing Partner, Human Capital Consulting

Working Together For You

We have a firm belief that when we help your people be the best versions of themselves, your company will be its best. Our integrated approach leverages our team of experts to improve your employee and customer experiences while driving greater business results.

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