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Providing training and development opportunities for your leaders, managers and staff is an investment in your company as a whole. It is also a key to driving your desired culture and improving performance.  Our training and development solutions include solutions for all levels including executive leadership, supervisory and management, and all staff. Our HR Consultants provide effective training programs on a variety of topics designed to develop knowledge, skills and confidence to be successful.

  • Leadership in 2017: HR for Non-HR Managers
  • True Colors of Communication
  • Managing Performance
  • Delegating—Improving Your Teams Productivity
  • True Colors of Conflict: Harness the Energy
  • The Inclusive Leader
  • Business Ethics
  • The Customer Experience
  • Self-Leadership – Stress Management, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Holistic Nutrition


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Did you know training & development impacts these other areas?

Strategy & Culture Alignment

Our assessment helps organizations design a purposefully driven culture that aligns with your strategy creates an environment of high trust, resulting in better performance and business outcomes.
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Diversity & Inclusion

Creating a culture of inclusion goes beyond training programs. A comprehensive D&I strategy helps employees thrive and show up authentically while also increasing employee engagement and retention.
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Employee Engagement Assessment

The majority of employees are not engaged. Through an Employee Engagement Assessment, we’ll identifying the problem areas so your organization can improve productivity and performance.
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Coaching compliments your training & development strategy. One on one sessions help employees become more effective at leadership and managing performance.
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Marcos Lopez, Founder & CEO

Working Together For You

We work with our clients to help them achieve optimal organizational health by providing training and development solutions for leaders, managers and staff.  The power of our deliverable is that our our experts work together to better support your organization.

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