Business Executives

Make sure your employees are taken care of when they join your company.

When your business is growing and thriving, it’s critical to maintain and promote a positive workplace culture for hiring top talent and ensure your employees are taken care of after they join your company. We are excited to offer you all of the resources and components to help you accomplish a well-balanced atmosphere for your workplace through each of our divisions:

Health & Wellness Benefits

We will review your current plan, carriers, fee structures and offerings, free of charge. We’ll analyze every component of your benefits offering and will meet with you to explain how to offer the same, if not better, benefits for your employees AND save money. Be prepared. We’re going to tell you a few things other brokers wouldn’t dare share with you.

Human Resources

We truly believe “Your more important resources is your human resource.” With the help of our Human Resources Division we will help you focus is on creating/ revising/ strengthening/ supporting an organization’s human resource infrastructure so you can attract and retain the talent you require to realize success. We customize our solutions to fit your needs – so you get the right support you need.

Risk Management

Our dedicated team of insurance, loss control, and claims professionals are available to help make your organization more sovereign and safe. We come up with proactive plans to help protect your assets and prevent risks and exposures making your organization more attractive to the insurance marketplace, which will lower premium/deductible level and allow for broader coverage negotiations.

Retirement Benefits

Our highly qualified team solely focused on providing you with qualified retirement plan consulting and services for developing and maintaining several types of plans. From design and enrollment to ongoing plan and participant services, our Retirement Benefits division brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to a marketplace that is traditionally served by generalists.

Specialty Products

You can never offer too many amazing added-benefits to your employees. Our Specialty Products division is comprised of the TrustScripts Discount Prescription Card and College Tuition Benefits Program. We are excited to offer unique products that make a difference in people’s lives!