Resilient Self Leader Program


The conversation has shifted: It’s no longer about how to get rid of stress but about something far more critical: How to cultivate a resilient workforce. The Resilient Self-Leader is a four-part “whole employee” certificate training series designed to teach essential life skills for increasing well-being, engagement, morale, & performance.

Four-Part Module Summary:

  1. Mindset & Happiness— Understanding how your brain works is a foundational process for increasing self-awareness, well-being and overall happiness. Includes:
  • Personal vision
  • Introduction to Positive Psychology
  • Tools for increasing resilience & happiness
  • Mindset (reprogramming & hacking the brain)
  1. Stress & Energy— Learn how to make stress work for you vs. against you by understanding how to manage your human capital energy. Includes:
  • Intro to Energy Leadership
  • Catabolic vs. Anabolic Leadership
  • The Four Energy Blocks
  • Willpower & Self-regulation

3. Thriving Relationships — As humans, we’re wired to connect. Yet often relationships, both at work or at home, can be a great source of stress. Learn essential listening and coaching skills for creating more impactful and meaningful relationships. Includes:

  • Personal values
  • Active Listening & Coaching Skills
  • Setting effective goals & science of making choices
  • Grit, flow & purpose
  1. Self-Care & Nourishment —A holistic and integrative approach to nourishing your body & mind. Includes:
  • Work Life Integration
  • Physical Activity & Sleep
  • “HOW” to Eat & Food Energetics
  • Mind-Body Connection

This program can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. Each topic can also be provided as a single training session. Download the PDF here for more information.