Solution Builder Program

Proprietary Solution Builder Program

Exude is committed to building ongoing innovative solutions to solve our clients’ most challenging business problems. Through deep insurance market knowledge and product analysis we design healthcare solutions that will impact organizations’ bottom-line for the long-term.  As a result, we are proud to introduce Exude Solution Builder, a self-funded program that takes a unique approach to managing rising healthcare costs.

This exclusive benefits program gives middle market employers (50-1000 employees) collective purchasing power that drives down costs and spreads risk, allowing them to design a long-term cost-effective benefits plan that’s self funded with limited risk.

Why self-fund medical healthcare plans?

In a fully-insured arrangement, healthcare costs continue to rise and employers have limited power in controlling these cost increases. In a self-funded medical health plan, employers have advantages such as:

  • Healthcare Cost Management – In a fully-insured medical plan, employers must pay fees and taxes. However, in a self-funded plan, employers can avoid many of these costs.
  • Customize Medical Plans – Employers have greater control of their healthcare plan designs and can create plans that specifically meet the needs of their employees.
  • Benefits Plan Transparency – Historical claim data is available to help employers forecast and understand utilization of medical plans.

While switching to a self-funded insurance plan offers savings opportunities and flexibility over the design of your healthcare spend it is also important to keep in mind potential drawbacks of switching to this kind of plan.

What is a consortium?

Like Exude Solution Builder, a consortium program is a Self-Funded plan with the protection of Stop Loss Purchasing power.  Employers will have the protection to be rated along with hundreds of other companies under the same Stop Loss carrier and therefore receive Stop Loss discounted rates.  Plan designs are completely customizable and there is potential to receive 100% of surplus if claims run well.  The company will have the option to pay claims as they go or pay to the Maximum Cost if they feel most comfortable having set monthly premiums.

Why Exude Solution Builder?

Interest in self-funding has exploded since the introduction of ACA, but historically there hasn’t been a safe and proven alternative for middle market employers (50-1000 employees). Exude Solution Builder is a program that combines the benefits of a self funded arrangement and a consortium. It is a time-proven self-funded program designed to leverage stop-loss purchasing power while providing greater control and transparency. It’s a health insurance alternative that offers greater protection and savings for employers.

Benefits of Exude Solution Builder:

  • Carrier Neutral Platform – all major networks included
  • Group Purchasing Power – ability to leverage global stop loss volume
  • In-house Actuarial Services – work for you, not the insurance carrier
  • Nurse Navigation & Wellness Consulting
  • 24/7 Employee Advocacy, Service & Support
  • Benefits Administration Technology Portal
  • Financial Services and Tax Reporting – monthly billing & enrollment
  • Full DOL Compliance Review & Report – access to team of experts
  • Claims Transparency & Data Analytics

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