Employee Benefits Case Study #1


A New York client, received a 13% increase on its medical renewal when they had originally budgeted for a 0% increase. Knowing the financial needs of this group Exude’s consultants strategized to find a solution that would give them a flat renewal and stable budget.


The client’s consultant researched carrier pricing and found that by switching carriers they would actually save money and avoid any increases.  Additionally, Exude’s underwriting and compliance team was able to negotiate a 40% savings for the groups New York Disability Benefit League (DBL). Exude also established a free wellness program with biometric screening to prevent future large increases. This wellness program will provide the client with better information that will help them implement education and preventative techniques to offset future benefit costs.

Exude successfully created and implemented solutions for the current increase, as well as a long-term plan to prevent future increases. In a time where most organizations were cutting plan enhancements, Exude was able to add new enhancements to Hamilton Madison House’s plan while delivering a 0% increase renewal.


  • 14% – negotiated savings with a 1% decrease in cost
  • 32% increase in wellness participation
  • 15 years – they’ve been an Exude client