Post COVID-19 Support

As employees return to work, HR teams will be tasked with managing many changes. Exude is here to provide support wherever we can, including:

  • Employee Handbooks -we will assess your current handbook and/or develop employment policies and procedures that fit your current culture and the new norms of our reality while ensuring compliance.
  • Managing in a Remote Environment – we’ll provide change management, training and development, and any other support needed to prepare managers to lead in a remote environment.
  • Employee Engagement & DEI– we can help assess and support your internal employee engagement and provide trainings and consulting around your diversity and inclusion programs in this “new normal.”
  • Reorganizations – as you rethink your organization’s structure, we can help create a strategy and implementation plan to optimize your workforce.
  • Employee Well-Being – supporting employees mental wellbeing is critical to business success. We have designed virtual training programs to help you and your employees cope during these tumultuous times.

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