Diversity & Inclusion Solutions For Your Business

Creating a More Inclusive Workplace for All Employees

Given the current social discourse, it’s essential that Boards, CEO’s, and Executive Leaders must act upon their commitment to inclusion and drive rapid change through the ranks of their organizations. If this does not happen, declarations and vision statements around diversity and inclusion become empty platitudes to employees. Organizations have a new opportunity to review their current state of inclusion and change course to drive necessary change.

  • DEI Project Management

    If you have or want to develop diversity and inclusion goals, but don’t have the internal expertise or resources to execute on them, Exude can be your outsourced diversity, equity, and inclusion partner. We will provide you with a strategic DEI project manager who will help you implement and execute strategies to reach your goals.

  • Diversity Consulting

    Create a customized diversity strategy that infuses inclusion throughout the organization. Whether it be creating equitable processes or complete organizational culture change, we can help you implement your D&I strategy in a meaningful and systematic way.

  • Diversity Assessment

    Help your organization capture the current state of your inclusion, equity and diversity efforts. Our assessment helps look at the big picture, define objectives, and begin implementing or recharging your meaningful diversity practices.

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  • Virtual Diversity Training

    Our diversity training solutions are designed to build awareness and skill, and to provide participants with tools and resources to support immediate application of learning to create/maintain a respectful and inclusive workplace. Courses include: Inclusive Leadership, Unconscious Bias, How to Have the DEI Conversation, and much more.

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Jai McBide Calloway, Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Solutions

We know times have been hard, and that’s why we’re here to help. Exude’s diversity and inclusion solutions are available to your organization create an inclusive environment where all employees feel valued and show up authentically.

If you’re looking for additional diversity and inclusion support, contact us today.