Tips for First Time Managers

/ July 16, 2021 July 16, 2021

Being promoted to a manager role is an exciting accomplishment for any employee. However, the transition may leave employees nervous and wondering: “What do I do now?” Here are a few tips for new managers to remember as they take on more responsibility:  

Shift your focus  

One significant change when becoming a manager is learning to focus less on the small details and more on the big picture. As a manager, you’re now likely spending less time doing busy work and more time strategizing and guiding others as they complete those tasks. Although it might take some getting used to, shifting your focus will help you and your team keep moving forward and ensure you meet business goals.  

Listen to your team  

Since you may now be responsible for employees that were once your peers, it’s important to ask for their thoughts on future planning. Schedule time to learn more about their individual roles and what they hope to accomplish with the company. Some employees may struggle with this role shift, but keeping an open communication policy can help them adjust.  

As you go forward, it’s equally as important to get their feedback on your leadership style. If your organization doesn’t have a survey or response tool at hand, schedule one-on-one meetings periodically with both your team and your boss(es). Part of leadership is learning how to handle positive and negative feedback, and they may be able to offer suggestions you hadn’t thought of.   

Find a mentor  

Between taking on more responsibility and handling unexpected situations, becoming a manager may feel overwhelming at times. One way to handle this stress is to find a mentor, someone you can confide in and seek advice from. Ask if your organization has a formal mentorship program or reach out to leaders in your company that you admire- this could be your boss or another leader. For mentors outside of your organization, try building your network on LinkedIn or research if there are any programs in your area.  

Set an example  

As a manager, you should be holding yourself to the same standards that you hold your team members to. This includes participating in company events, sticking to deadlines, and sharing new skills you learn. Celebrate accomplishments and use “we” or “us” language instead of taking all the credit yourself. Managers must learn how to create and maintain an inclusive and supportive workplace that brings out the best of their people, increases productivity, and retains talent.  

Being a manager is a constant learning process. It may be challenging, but with the right support and guidance, your employees can succeed. One way to prepare them is through leadership development training courses. Exude offers all levels of employees the skills necessary at their current responsibility level to drive performance and prepare them for their next role. To learn more, fill out the form below to connect with our training experts. 

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