Creating a culturally sensitive and inclusive workplace is challenging. Understanding all the dimensions of inclusion, diversity and equity is complex and can often be misrepresented in the workplace. However, when organizations commit to creating a fully inclusive workplace it allows employees thrive and show up authentically, resulting in greater innovation and ultimately better business performance.

Inclusion & Diversity Solutions

Creating a culture of inclusion doesn’t happen by chance. Organizations need to commit and continuously work to create an environment that embraces differences and is truly inclusive. Areas where Exude can support you include:

Diversity Consulting

Every clients’ inclusion and diversity goals are different, so our expert D&I consultants will meet with you to understand your needs and create a plan to achieve your diversity objectives. Some of the areas we specialize in include:

  • Diversity & Inclusion strategy
  • Infusing Inclusion & Diversity thorough out the organization (equal/equitable processes)
  • Organization Culture Change/Transformation – helping you implement your D&I strategy in meaningful and systematic way

Diversity Training


  • Pre-Training Assessment – level set awareness and skills
  • Inclusion and Diversity Training Program –multiple programs with varying courses topics and outcomes
  • Customized Inclusion & Diversity Training –customized training programs to meet your specific organizational needs
  • Train the Trainer – fully developed training programs that are sustainable and easy to roll out to large audiences
  • Learn more about Exude’s training and development programs.

Diversity Assessments

Exude’s diversity consultant will meet with key stakeholder to understand your organizations current state and help create a roadmap for the future.

Our Approach

Exude has a proven history of providing diversity assessments, consulting and training to organizations looking to create, modify or expand their diversity and inclusion strategy. It is our approach to first pair you with an experienced and qualified diversity consultant who will work with key stakeholders to understand your culture and goals. Your consultant will act as an extension of your HR team and follow the below process.

  • Assess – Exude’s diversity consultant will review your current business practices and create a gap analysis of where you are compared to where you want to be as it relates to your diversity & inclusion goals.
  • Findings & Analysis – After spending time with key stakeholders, our team will create a comprehensive findings and analysis report to guide your strategic plan.
  • Recommendations/Implementation – Finally, we provide you with recommended next steps that can include recommendations around diversity training programs, adjustments to policies, evaluating & adjusting recruitment & selection process, employer brand etc.

What is workplace diversity?

Workplace diversity is defined as similarities and differences among employees in terms of age, cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities, race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation.

Many workforces are making a conscious effort to have more heterogeneous workplaces that have a workforce with varying ages, races, culture and backgrounds.


Benefits of diversity in the workplace

  1. Business Performance – A recent study, Diversity Matters conducted by McKinsey found that diverse workplaces outperform non-diverse competitors by 35%. More diverse workforces are able enhance creativity within a workplace because of diversity of thought.
  2. Talent – Organizations that are culturally sensitive and committed to diversity and inclusion are able to recruit top-talent. Diverse talent pools offer greater selection of talent, skills and expertise. Individuals from diverse backgrounds are able to provide organizations with innovative ideas and different perspectives.
  3. Customer Satisfaction – More and more organizations are requiring that their business partners and providers are meeting certain levels of diversity. In some instances, in order to grant business to a partner, organizations are requiring that employers have diverse workforces that are trained to be culturally sensitive.


Importance of diversity in the workplace

  1. Legal Ramification – Although the EEOC does not mandate specifics around diversity in the workplace, there are circumstances where lacking cultural sensitivity can lead to legal issues. For example, if your workplace does not have practices in place that allows all employees to show up authentically, challenges may arise with their ability to do their job. This can then lead to legal issues around acceptance and respect, accommodation of beliefs and gender equity. Having a clear diversity strategy in place will help employees see that your workplace is inclusive and allow them to thrive at work.
  2. Unconscious Bias – Unconscious bias is the bias everyone has and can be a result of your upbringing, and social factors such as media. Although we do not consciously realize, these bias can influence the decisions we make. It is why top organizations are making a investing in a diversity strategy and offering unconscious bias training.


How to create a culturally sensitive workplace?

The first step in creating a culturally sensitive workplace is getting commitment from the senior team that diversity and inclusion is a priority for the organization. Once you have commitment from your senior team, you can begin to work with a diversity consultant to create a sustainable and impactful diversity strategy.

At Exude, our systematic approach to cultural transformation begins with the assessment, design, and implementation of a comprehensive strategic diversity and inclusion plan.  We focus on “what really works” and help ensure that your diversity council, committees, resource groups, and strategic diversity and inclusion initiatives yield measurable impact throughout your workplace.  In addition, we help you infuse inclusion throughout your business practices and through training program(s) designed to raise awareness and build cultural competency. We find you a consultant who has the right industry experience to accelerate your organization’s diversity strategy.

We invite you to learn more about diversity solutions for your business by contacting us.


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Working Together For You

At Exude, we work with our clients to achieve their optimal organizational health by ensuring their strategy, culture, and employee experience are aligned. Our Philadelphia-based team includes HR and inclusion and diversity experts – however, the power of our deliverable is not in our great individual expertise, but rather when we work together as one.

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