Human Capital Management

Leadership Development Training

Leaders in businesses are responsible for inspiring change, igniting innovation, and having an overall positive impact on the trajectory of the organization. However, none of this is possible without providing your employees with the right training to become top performers.

Before managers or employees are placed into leadership roles, it is essential that they are getting the right guidance and tools to succeed. There are certain skills that all leaders need to know in order to be effective in their organization. Through leadership development training courses, Exude equips all levels of employees with the necessary skills to drive performance and prepare them for their next leadership position.

How Exude Does It

Exude offers a variety of trainings focused on improving your employees’ leadership skills. Our Leadership Development Training Curriculum is unique because of its structure and content. The content has been carefully crafted into 3 separate programs based on the audience to whom it is being delivered: individual contributors, first time managers, and mid-upper level managers. The courses are designed in a progressive learning journey that builds skills for leaders at all levels. Although we recommend our trainings be delivered in the programs packaged below, our philosophy is that “one size does not fit all.” Exude can customize the curriculum and learning series to fit your organizational needs, policies, and industry.

Additionally, with each training program listed below we recommend pairing it with a practicum. The practicum is designed to engage participants in practical application of new content and skills via interactive activities and customized workplace scenarios.

Leadership Trainings for Individuals

Self-leaders have a sense of who they are, what they can do, and how they can add value to an organization. Exude’s Leadership Development training program is designed to build the foundational skills needed to enhance self-leadership and to prepare to lead others, and to provide participants with tools and resources to support immediate application of learning in the workplace. This program includes the following four courses:

Productivity & Influence: Getting Work Done

In this session you will learn to…

  • Understand how to increase your productivity
  • Increase your emotional intelligence
  • Recognize when and what to delegate
  • Create your ideal workflow management system
  • Recognize and mitigate threats to your productivity

Building and Managing Relationships

In this session you will learn to…

  • Understand how consciously managing relationships is to your advantage
  • Describe how to build and improve professional relationships
  • State the difference between formal and informal relationships
  • Utilize best practices and strategies for managing relationships down, across, out and up
  • Employ networking tips and tricks to enrich your functional network

Effective Teamwork

In this session you will learn to…

  • Understand teamwork and how you show up on a team
  • Influence without authority
  • Build rapport, create inclusion, collaborate, and the importance of flexing your communications
  • Identify the 5 dysfunctions of teams and how to overcome them

Resilience During Change

In this session you will learn to…

  • Understand a leader’s role in change
  • Recognize common reactions to change and strategies to address
  • Utilize techniques for managing yourself and building resiliency
  • Identify and apply tools to help manage change

Leadership Trainings for First Time Managers

This highly interactive program is designed help first-time managers/supervisors build management capability to achieve success quickly and build positive relationships with their teams. Participants will learn “leadership language” that will increase the quality of conversations they have with direct reports and build effective working relationships.

Effective Performance Management

In this session leaders will learn to…

  • Understand the importance of goals in managing performance
  • Develop and effectively communicate goals to team members
  • Understand how effective coaching or counseling and regular feedback impact performance management
  • Understand the importance of documenting performance throughout the year

The Art of Giving & Receiving Feedback

In this session leaders will learn to…

  • Identify the benefits of feedback
  • How to utilize the 7 Rules of Receiving Feedback
  • Recognize reactions to feedback and how to respond
  • Understand SARA and the ways in which people respond differently to feedback
  • Utilize the 2 X 2 method of Feedback

Interviewing Skills

In this session leaders will learn…

  • Steps to take to plan for an interview
  • Key reminders when conducting the interview
  • What you legally can and cannot ask in an interview
  • Behavioral based interviewing basics
  • Key questions to ask all candidates to effectively close an interview

HR for Non-HR Managers

In this session leaders will learn to…

  • Understand the role of the supervisor/manager
  • Understand the key federal, state and local laws that govern the workplace
  • Know the triggers to listen for that require action
  • Effectively leverage the tools and resources available to you to lead

The Art of Delegating

In this session leaders will learn to…

  • Understand what delegation is and what its key challenges are
  • Decide what should and should not be delegated
  • Empower your employees through delegation
  • Manage the monitoring points and keeping the delegated assignment on track

Leadership Trainings for Mid-Upper Level Managers

This highly interactive program is designed to “connect the dots” between employment law, employment policies and processes and the mid-upper level manager’s responsibility in using organizational tools and resources to manage effectively.

Driving Performance

In this session leaders will learn to…

  • Improve your leadership communication skills
  • Set the right vision for your team, department and organization
  • Align the workforce to achieve heightened performance and increased bottom-line results
  • Delegate authority in ways that prompt others to take responsibility

Counseling and Coaching Leaders

In this session leaders will learn to…

  • Assess your leadership team for gaps between potential and current performance
  • Integrate coaching seamlessly into daily interaction with your leadership team
  • Assist and challenge your best performers to greater levels of success
  • Discover the one conversation you need to have
  • Plan for and practice a difficult conversation

Leading Change

In this session leaders will learn to…

  • Lead and assist everyone in your business to deal effectively with change
  • Engage your team and employees in the reality and opportunity of change
  • Listen and communicate to address and decrease anxiety, and to inspire commitment to change
  • Effectively manage the types of behavior common to each phase of the change

Talent Management: Developing Talent from Within

In this session leaders will learn…

  • An overview of the importance, function and methodology of succession planning
  • How to develop future leaders from within while retaining intellectual/operational expertise
  • How to build effective individual development plans
  • Effective monitoring, measuring and follow-up processes

Harnessing the Power of Conflict

In this session leaders will learn to…

  • Recognize and act to resolve conflict
  • Reframe conflict
  • Utilize key phrases when engaged in difficult conversations
  • Utilize tools and techniques to enter into, manage and close difficult conversation