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Top 10 HR Trends in the 2020 Workplace  

/ February 21, 2020 February 21, 2020

With a new year underway, now is the time to focus on bettering your company culture and implementing new practices. Here are ten trends to improve your HR agenda, according to Forbes 

  1. Start With Focusing on Worker Well-Being – While many companies are focused on the future, it’s equally as important to focus on the now. Define what well-being means to your organization then implement technologies and initiatives to meet those goals.  
  2. Prepare for Humans & Bots as the New, Blended Workforce – Working alongside robots may not be a futuristic concept. According to a new study, 50% of workers already use some form of AI technology. Knowing how to leverage these technologies can lessen your employees’ workload.  
  3. Look for New-Use Cases of AI for HR – AI can be used for a variety of reasons, such as reporting inappropriate behavior and career development. Look for new platforms and ways to use them in your workplace.  
  4. Focus on Building Ethical AI – While this technology can be useful, there are risks with gathering confidential information. 71% of employees said they worry there will be more data breaches as more information is collected. This will require companies to choose carefully and create a responsible AI plan.   
  5. Consider Soft Skills to Be Power Skills In 2020 – As simpler tasks become automated, soft skills will become a necessity for employees to help set them apart from the rest. Companies will have to start hiring based on these qualities and then teach employees the necessary technical skills to complete the job.  
  6. Audit Your Workplace Environment for Physical, Emotional & Environmental Attributes – Looking for ways to improve employee experience? Start with the space around them. Consider things like adding a fitness center, improving air and natural light and allowing employees to customize their desk areas.  
  7. Explore Virtual Reality for Corporate Training – Any training can help employees better handle difficult situations and VR gives employees an immersive learning experience. VR can be used for safety training, customer service training and leadership development.  
  8. Re-Define Blended Learning to Include On-Demand Coaching – Traditional coaching sessions can be expensive, time-consuming and difficult for employees to engage with. Consider an on-demand coaching platform where employees can learn when and where they’re most comfortable.  
  9. Recruit for Skills Rather Than College Pedigree – Having a college degree no longer is the standard for new talent. Companies like Apple, Bank of America and Google have begun hiring candidates without college experience if they have industry qualifications.  
  10. Make Your Workplace Experience a Top Priority – If you want to retain talent and increase productivity, you have to make the jobs enjoyable. Talk to employees to find out what they want in an employer, then make the changes necessary to enhance their experience. 

It’s important to keep your HR plans current and relevant to your workplace. For a consultation on more ways to better your company culture, contact Exude today.