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Need An Energy Re-boost? Nutritional Counselling May Be The Perfect Remedy.

/ March 21, 2019 March 21, 2019

Wellness in the workplace can often feel like an amorphous cloud of complex health related initiatives. When wellness is not integrated into the core values of any business, that cloud of complexity can often become an ominous energy drainer. However, to break down the complexities that prevent wellness from being addressed, we categorize wellness and our health programs into three core areas: activity-based wellness, integrative well-being, and clinical wellness. This structure allows horizontal and vertical assessment of wellness through a more holistic lens. And, for us, at the heart of any wellness initiative lies nutritional counselling, an instrumental component in supporting activity-based wellness.

Activity-Based Wellness

Activity-based wellness solutions focus on the nutrition and fitness aspects of corporate programs. At Exude, we think of this as nurturing a work environment that encourages healthy lifestyles, whether they be working out or eating nutritiously.

When we collaborate with our clients to implement an activity-based wellness solution, we offer an onsite dietitian, health and nutrition seminars, onsite yoga/fitness classes, onsite chair massages, and integrative wellness challenges. This approach stems from our holistic mission to augment all aspects of activity-based wellness; and as a result, the combination and interaction of different wellness services work together to activate nutritional wellbeing.

Nutritional Counselling

We treat nutritional counselling as the foundation to our activity-based wellness services. Nutritional counselling is covered by most fully-insured health insurance plans. Anyone can benefit from nutritional counselling, for it helps our bodies find the unique balances that increase productivity. From completely redesigning a diet, to managing a medical condition, to perfecting food choices, nutritional counselling can serve as the starting point to revamping a work environment. In turn, this creates a new, fresh feeling of health and wellness for employees and valued stakeholders at the company.

Our nutritional counselling programs layout a guide for establishing goals and objectives on site. This allows integration across all areas of health and all aspects of the work environment. From there, with our onsite dietitians, we review medical histories, medications, stress levels, sleep patterns, exercise plans, and more, to establish a plan that suites the personalized calibration for each employee in a workspace. Ultimately, this helps employees connect what they eat, how they exercise, and how they feel to improve both their personal lifestyles and their productivity at work.

Benefits and Success

This sense of personalization is key for the success of nutritional counselling, in that it effects change on the micro- and macro-levels of any organization’s health. Nutritional counselling can readjust a workplace to breathe new energy into the environment and form a sense of healthy community among coworkers. This can increase productivity, and, in general, realigns wellness levels and the perception of those levels from an internal and external perspective.

Moreover, nutritional counselling can help employers contain medical costs and reduce absenteeism. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce; so, investing in nutritional counselling can prevent larger costs from popping up on the horizon.

Furthermore, once establishing activity-based wellness approaches, companies can transition to exploring how they could benefit from integrative well-being initiatives and clinical wellness programs. All three areas of wellness are crucial for strategic growth and workplace health for any company’s organizational health. The in-sync successful function of these three wellness areas help employees lead healthier lives and foster a unique environment for any company. For more information on Exude’s wellness programs, reach out to your Exude representative, or check out our Wellness page.