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Increase Your Productivity with these 5 Must-Watch TED Talks

/ October 1, 2016 October 1, 2016

There are times when you have to stop being productive for a moment to become much more productive long-term. Inc.com just recently posted an article sharing 11 Ted-Talks that will make you “insanely productive” in both your personal and professional life.

We went through this list and picked out 5 of our favorites!

Why not block out a little time in your day to save yourself a whole lot of time later, and check them out below?

1. Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work– Jason Fried:

2. How To Make Stress Your Friend– Kelly McGonigal:

3. How Too Many Rules at Work Keep You from Getting Things Done-Yves Morieux:

4. The Puzzle of Motivation-Dan Pink:

5. The Happy Secret to Better Work – Shawn Achor:

Did you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out Inc.com’s article for more great Ted-Talks on increasing productivity.