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Creating a Magnetic Workspace

/ November 19, 2016 November 19, 2016

I was recently inspired by our Director of Strategic Relationships’ recent post, The Power of Magnets. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out yet, you can do so HERE.

Beyond bringing families together, I’ve also found that the concept of magnetism is vital to establishing collaborative settings at work—drawing people together to create an energetic, engaging workplace. At Exude, we strive to do just that.

Of course, creating a collaborative atmosphere doesn’t happen accidentally. It arises by first examining the workplace and understanding where the “talk” happens, and where people naturally come together and exchange thoughts and ideas in an open and inviting space. Collaboration requires magnets- workspaces that draw people together from different teams or departments for specific purposes. Magnetic workspaces will attract and adapt to a new generation of workers who seek a workplace where everyone, regardless of their title, is connected with a greater sense of community. Consequently, the interaction that happens in these environments is quite powerful.

So, how do you create one for your company? Check out this article by LiveintheGrey.com for 5 steps for creating a magnetic workspace that attracts the workers you want, unleashing new possibilities for your employees and your business.