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Combatting Ageism in the Workplace 

/ January 17, 2020 January 17, 2020

According to AARP, 64 percent of workers have witnessed or experienced age discrimination. While it primarily affects older employees, ageism of all kinds exists and can impact company culture. Here are a few tips to make the workplace more inclusive for all generations: 

  1. Know what it looks like – Ageism can present itself in a variety of ways. For older employees, it can be being told to “slow down” or being out date with current trends. For younger employees, it can be being viewed as inexperienced or lazy. Regardless of the age, it can range from small comments to being purposely excluded from meetings or promotions. Learn the signs yourself and teach employees the same. 
  1. Change your mindset  While some companies may view generational gaps as a problem, they can actually be a benefit to your company’s diversity. Having team members with a variety of ages will bring a variety of experiences, background and life knowledge. Avoid stereotyping based on their ages and instead, focus on the skills they can bring. 
  1. Communicate respectfully  Allow employees to share ideas openly and without repercussions and motivate them to learn from one another. Additionally, keep all employees in the conversation and use language everyone can understand. Be honest when you make a mistake and communicate with employees when you notice theirs as well. 

For more tips or for a consultation on how age-inclusive your company is, contact Exude.