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Exude's unique blend of services and turnkey solutions produce impactful results for our clients. 

Impactful consulting


Exude Stats

  • This year we will save our clients over $7 million dollars through alternative funding plan designs.
  • Over the last two years our clients have enjoyed a flat trend in their PEPM medical spend, where the industry standard has been a 6.5% increase each year.
  • When moving a client from fully-insured to a level funded platform, Exude has reduced premiums by an average of 24.62%.
  • These savings amount to $529,200 per company or $211 per member/per month.
  • We have created a proprietary analytical tool, Benefit Blueprint, that allows our expert consultants to forecast annual renewals within +/- 3% of what the carrier will charge.
  • Clients who have remained in a fully funded model have benefited from our underwriters’ negotiation practices/carrier relationships by inheriting an average of 9.26% of their initial renewal.
  • We have worked with many clients in carving out RX expenses, which on average has been saving each about 25% from the previous year.
  • Institute a long-term, customized Risk Management approach illustrated in our 20.4% loss ratios V.S. the industry standard of just over 60%.
  • In the social services/educational industries we operate under 8% loss ratios.
  • In teaming up with a local school, we were able to lobby the state to restructure current plan design, cutting costs by 20% and saving over $6 million dollars annually.

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