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A holistic well-being approach that supports employees to thrive in all areas of life.

Change is the only constant yet is often the source of stress for many employees. Now more than ever, it is essential that organizations provide employees with resources and trainings to develop resilience and emotional intelligence in order to effectively navigate today’s challenges and beyond.  Our goal is to help employees become thriving self-leaders in all areas of their life.  We also know that stress is contagious (even in the virtual world). When stress is reduced and self-awareness is developed, employees can develop more empathy, openness, and foster a more inclusive organizational culture.

Below is a curated list of offerings that our holistic well-being experts can provide.

  • The Resilient Whole Leader Program

    How do you cultivate a resilient workforce during times of dramatic change? This program consists of four, one hour long modules that have been thoughtfully curated to teach essential life and resiliency skills for increasing employee well-being, mindfulness, engagement, productivity, and performance. Each session can be for all employees and/or leaders.

    • Mindset & Human Flourishing
    • Stress & Energy Management
    • Thriving Relationships
    • Self-Care & Nourishment
  • Thriving with a Growth Mindset

    growth mindset is based on a belief that we are able to increase talent, performance, and even intelligence through curiosity, learning, effort, and discipline.  Developing a growth or “learner’s” mindset is one of the most critical factors in increasing resilience during “normal” times, but it’s even more essential now more than ever.

    Topics to be covered:

    • An understanding of how beliefs and mindsetare developed
    • Strategies for developing a growth mindset
    • How to effectively give feedback to help foster a growth mindset
    • Ways to foster a growth mindset culture
  • Emotional Intelligence for Wellbeing Program

    Emotional Intelligence has a direct impact on your ability to manage stress, foster meaningful relationships, and experience higher levels of well-being. This 2-part series will take a deep and comprehensive dive into exploring emotions and will include tools for increasing self-awareness, self-management, and self-regulation.  Each session can be for all employees and/or leaders.

    • Session 1:  Emotional Awareness, Beliefs About Emotions, and Developing Emotional Agility
    • Session 2:  Understanding Personal Values, Relationships, and Empathy
  • Energy Leadership Program

    This program utilizes the Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment and framework to increase engagement, life satisfaction, well-being and resilience. The ELI assessment is a research-based assessment tool that takes something abstract, like the way a person views the world, and turns it into something tangible—a metric that you can see and feel and even reevaluate in the future. These sessions are designed for leaders only. The topics focused on in these trainings include:

    • Energy Leadership Overview & Debrief (90 minutes)
    • Effective Energy Management (60 minutes)
    • Group Coaching – Integration & Reinforcement (60 minutes)
  • Program Consulting

    For organizations that are committed to offering an impactful and meaningful well-being program, it’s essential to have a plan and strategy that takes into account the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment, onboarding, development, exit, and all of the touch points in between. At Exude, we support the whole employee. We’ll help you make sure your HR policies, processes, and culture are intact so that the well-being programs we put into place are successful.

  • Personal Development Coaching

    Our coaches meet the client where they are, help them prioritize their goals, support them as they develop, and provide them with customized recommendations for achieving their unique goals.  We also integrate emotional intelligence assessments into the program, such as the Birkman Method & Energy Leadership Index, to help the client identify their stress behaviors, psychological needs, intrinsic motivators, and opportunities for growth and development. The three-month program includes six bi-weekly coaching sessions, and the six-month program includes 12 bi-weekly coaching sessions.

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Karla Chin
Karla Chin, Director of Total Wellbeing

Total Well-Being Solutions

We know this can be a scary and tumultuous time, that’s why we’re here to help. Exude’s well-being solutions are available to help bring you and your employees peace and comfort as we navigate this crisis.

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