Business Ethics Training

What is Business Ethics?

Business Ethics is a standard of acceptable behavior on the job; a set of rules or code of conduct by which to judge decisions in the workplace. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to both individuals and entire organizations.

Ethical Responsibility

Organizations have a responsibility to ensure ethics in the workplace. One of the best ways to educate your staff on professional ethics is by offering them training. Business ethics trainings not only help organizations conduct business in an ethical manner, but also have higher employee retention, more productive employees and demonstrated customer loyalty. By providing this type of training, your organization is more likely to embrace their corporate responsibility.

How Exude Does It

Exude offers customized business ethics training courses that address the issues both in your individual workplace and across corporate environments. Participants of a business ethics training course will learn and understand the importance of ethical conduct, benefits surrounding it, legal requirements and policies to follow. They will also learn how to identify and manage when ethical issues or unethical situations arise.

Prior to the training, Exude will help your organization define goals and clearly identify what you want your employees and business to gain from training in business ethics. Some overall key objectives include:

  • Recognize the importance of business ethics’
  • Understand the requirements of the law and our ethics policy
  • Identify ethical problems on the job
  • Know what questions to ask to ensure you make ethical decisions

Benefits of Business Ethics Training

There are several benefits to Exude’s Business Ethics Training course. You will see an immediate return on your investment in the following ways:

  • Ethical conduct promotes a strong public image for the organization. People respect an organization that makes ethical choices and fulfills their corporate social responsibility.
  • Ethical conduct makes the best use of resources. Money, time and effort are put into productive activities rather than diverted for questionable purposes or personal gain.
  • Ethical conduct boost morale and promotes team work. It helps align the values of your business with those of your workers.

Program Delivery

This session is open to all participants looking to gain a better understanding of business ethics.

Sessions can be tailored to the level of responsibility of the employee. Case studies, activities and experiences shared are relevant to the audience being trained.

We’ll provide this training onsite at your organization in as many sessions as you need to educate your staff.


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