Preventing Employee Burnout

Employee Burnout is real, and it can harm your organization. Learn what this phenomenon is, how your workers can experience it, and learn how Exude’s employee wellbeing training can help you take the right steps to prevent it.

What is employee burnout?

The World Health Organization defines employee burnout as an occupational phenomenon, characterized by energy drain or exhaustion, mental distance or negative feelings for one’s job, and reduced professional results. It is not considered a mental illness or disorder, but it can be equally as damaging to your wellbeing.

Some of the major signs of burnout are irregular sleep cycles, irritability, one’s quality of work suffers, and high intervals of intense stress. Burnout can even lead to the failure of your business, as your worker’s absences can increase or they can suddenly quit. And if you are in a situation where the worker is invaluable or performs a unique skill that no one else can, then that can deal a serious blow to your operations.

What are some of the major reasons employees can experience burnout?

Some of the major reasons or causes of employee burnout are unmanageable workload, unfair treatment at work, lack of control of the schedule, and lack of proper communication from managers. Many of the examples here can be summarized by a lack of support for the employee. They may feel like they are alone.

There are even some who argue that burnout has little to do with the employee and everything to do with the work environment.

How Exude’s employee wellbeing training can help prevent employee burnout

Exude’s employee wellbeing training focuses on building resilience. Resilience is about increasing individual and collective ability to bounce back from adversity. It’s what allows us to recover from change or stress, whether in the workplace or other areas of life. Building resilience helps individuals and organizations manage their energy and perform at their best.

Burnout Training Objectives Include:

  • Understand the stress cycle and how to move your body through this so that you’re less prone to burnout.
  • Identify specific steps you can take to reduce tension in your body and mind so you can be more focused.
  • Learn how to calm and recalibrate your nervous system, so you can respond more confidently in times of change and crisis.
  • Learn five resilience-building habits that can be immediately applied.

Our employee wellbeing training takes a science-based and application-based approach to teaching learners how to engage in small but intentional behaviors that will enable them to become more adaptable to change and effectively manage unrelenting challenges.

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