Leading Through Times of Change

A 3-Part Training Program to Help Your Leaders Thrive

We are living in a world of business as unusual, and more than ever, leaders will need to be equipped with skills and techniques to manage effectively. Employees have experienced high levels of stress due to the global health pandemic. As employers prepare for the next normal, 41% of the workforce reports fear of returning to the workplace. Managers will have to lead differently to support both the physical and psychological safety of their employees.

We have designed a three-part series that focuses on developing skills, confidence and competence in key areas of communication, managing a blended workforce and managing change. The goal of this training program is to help reset expectations of leaders and give them the tools and techniques to lead differently in this everchanging environment. Each session is both discussion and activity based and will end with an action planning component to help leaders apply what they’ve learned to their workplace. Additionally, each session is 2 hours in length and are conducted virtually.

  • Resilience & Self Leadership (Pre-Work)

    Building self -leadership and resilience is key to preparing to lead differently. Managers are facing some of the same worries and concerns as staff, and in order to effectively respond to staff needs and concerned, managers need to be equipped with skills, tools and techniques to manage their own energy, thoughts, concerns and emotions. This session will be pre-recorded and is meant to be used as pre-work for the following three live virtual sessions.

    Key Objectives:

    • Strategies for building resilience and managing personal energy
    • Techniques for developing emotional awareness and emotional agility
    • Identify personal values for managing expectations and interpersonal relationships
    • Importance of having leaders prioritize personal well-being and practice self-leadership
  • Communicating With Empathy

    Given the stress, fear and anxiety caused by the global health pandemic and current social conditions, the line between work and life has collapsed. Therefore, many employees are having difficulty separating their personal emotions from their every day work.  It’s important for organizations to equip managers with the appropriate skills to effectively address issues and navigate the new conversations that may need to be had with employees around emotion. Managers must have the ability to communicate with empathy so that their message is heard and their employees feel understood. In this training, participants will learn psychological techniques for deescalating emotion, active listening, and empathizing with their employees.

    Key Objectives:

    • Leading differently in next normal workplace
    • Understand the mechanics of empathic communication
    • Listen to people at a deeper level to motivate performance
    • Be able to differentiate between feelings, needs, thoughts, and demands
    • Techniques for effectively communicating with empathy and reducing employee stress and anxiety
  • Managing Virtual & Onsite Teams Effectively

    At a time when we’re all experiencing additional challenges to our work environment, strong teams are a crucial part of maintaining motivation and productivity. In this training, managers will learn how to engage both onsite and remote employees based on their individual needs while also fostering a culture of trust. They will learn touchpoints to stay connected, motivate, and be inclusive of all employees so that everyone in the workforce is equally represented and their voices are heard.

    Key Objectives:

    • Preparing leaders to manage people differently
    • Defining communication strategies that build trust and are inclusive for remote and onsite employees
    • Creating psychological safety and inclusion for your blended team
    • Helping managers create expectations around remote work roles (i.e response time, availability, check-ins)
  • Managing In Times of Change

    As we’ve seen in the last several weeks, change is coming at an unprecedented pace and employees are experiencing extreme change fatigue. For the remainder of the year, organizations will be continuously forced to change, making it difficult for their workforce to adjust. As a manager, it’s important to be able to recognize the signs of change fatigue and the employees that might get stuck in those phases of change. In this training, leaders will learn how to become a “change agent” and take immediate action when employees are struggling with change to help keep them productive and engaged.

    Key Obectives:

    • Understand common reactions to change and strategies to overcome
    • Techniques to maximize team effectiveness in communicating change
    • Building resilience in your direct report and harness the power of trust and empathy
    • Techniques to get others “unstuck” from unproductive responses to change

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