Total Rewards

Managing Employee Benefit Costs


A long term employee benefits client was unable to budget an increase for their medical benefits and found themselves facing an unpalatable 13% increase.  Given our knowledge of their financial constraints and resulting business strategy, Exude’s Employee Benefit Consultants developed a solution to eliminate the impending healthcare cost increase, provide financial stability and enhance the overall employee benefits plan.


Using our holistic approach, Exude’s employee benefits consultant successfully created and implemented a solution to address short term needs (i.e. no budget), as well as long-term needs (mitigating year over year medical insurance increases). More specifically, through the underwriting process Exude found another carrier willing to offer similar plans at current cost with minimal network disruption. Exude’s Underwriting team was also successful in negotiating a 40% discount on the group’s New York State Disability Benefit, resulting in additional savings. To top it off, Exude implemented a “no-cost” wellness program that included biometric screenings to give the client access to information and the ability to identify areas of prevention and education to offset future costs.

In a time where most organizations were cutting employee benefit plan features to lower premiums, Exude was able to enhance the existing medical benefit plan and implement long term preventative measures with no increase in cost.


Exude’s negotiations provided this 15 year client with the ability to achieve the 0% medical employee benefits insurance increase they had budgeted for. Additionally, the newly implemented wellness program boasted a 32% increase in wellness participation and ultimately provided the client with the ability to impact future cost before it happens.