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Helping Reverse a High Turn-Over Rate


A large non-profit organization was experiencing a high turn-over rate due to the nature of its industry. The client succeeded at positioning their organization as an employer of choice in this field. Yet, due to the high turn-over, the organization spent a significant amount of money on on-line job postings. The organization had also had a Talent module of their Payroll/HCM system in place for a number of years and paid for this aspect through their package.


Exude’s Human Capital division placed one of their Human Capital Consultants, who is also an experienced HR Director with extensive non-profit experience, in the role for several months.

Within one month, our Interim Director unlocked all of the features of the Payroll/HCM system for the client. The Interim Director also implemented a process that was more efficient and less paper intensive for the Talent Acquisition Manager, and a process that contained a value added link to the online job posting site that the client was not aware was available to them at no cost. Until now, the organization was budgeting $25,000 each year for job postings and related advertising. Our team demonstrated that this was no longer needed and could be allocated to other areas of the non-profit organization’s core business.


This impact created not only financial gains for the client, but also provided increased efficiency and transparency for the recruitment process. We also improved the technical expertise of future candidates and the length of time it takes to fill positions, as candidates will be able to apply right from their PC, Tablet or Smartphone for positions, and management will be able to send bulk communications to candidates through the system.