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Increasing Coverage and Employee Engagement


A client’s employee shared that she was discouraged because she had tried to provide a safe and secure home life for her nephew; however, the legal process to secure guardianship took several months, which left the child with no medical coverage. Therefore, no medical records were available to enroll the child in elementary school. Moreover, the employee was not eligible for CHIP or the Marketplace.


Exude worked to understand how the situation had escalated and to discover an explanation for the denial of coverage, which could lead us to considering alternative options. We learned more about the policy and advocated for the client in discussions with the broker. The broker reported that the Carrier’s Legal Department would not contest the addition of an eligible dependent and that the Power of Attorney document originally offered by the employee’s counsel would be sufficient in this case.


The employee we worked with is a key manager of the organization and witnessed first-hand that Exude can leverage allies and resources to support both client and employee needs. In turn, our partnership with the organization increased employee engagement and confidence that individual concerns will be handled as a priority.