Board Involvement:

Cori Green, Managing Partner, Benefits Division

Cori Green participates on the board of Girls on the Run Philadelphia, a chapter of Girls on the Run International. Its mission is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using an experience based curriculum that integrates running. Cori was attracted to the mission and the organization because she could relate to it. During the time that she joined, she had a daughter that was the same age as a lot of the girls in the program and to her, it was important for her to be part of a board that she could relate to. In addition, this one stood out to her because it wasn’t solely executive committees but more of a “get in, get your hands dirty, actually do some work and be able to see the impact of this organization”. Cori is vice chair, is on the nominating committee, which identifies, helps recruit, and interviews potential board members, as well as the breakfast fundraiser committee, which plans and execute the annual breakfast fundraiser.

When asked about something special that this organization has done that she is proud of, Cori responded with “well, there are a lot of things actually”. The first being the first time they did the breakfast fundraiser. Prior to this, the organization only had the 5k run as their fundraiser. Cori and two others planned the breakfast fundraiser, raising $8,000 the first year and by just the second year they had already skyrocketed to raising $15,000. Cori was especially proud of the scholarships that this organization provides: of the 650 girls who participate during the spring season, 450 were there on scholarship.

Cori believes that joining boards gives individuals an opportunity to give back in a way that establishes a personal connection. She states that “there are a million different missions, so join a board that meets your needs and that is meaningful to you”. Being on a board is really special to Cori because she had the chance to meet people with the same interests as her despite being very different people. It gives people an opportunity to connect with people that you may not otherwise have met because of a shared cause. Through the board, Cori has met a lot of really amazing people as well as learning from people since it is her first time being on a board. She feels grateful to be able to be on a board where she can feel like she is making an impact as well as learning from everybody around her.