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What’s Your Most Important Business Resource?

/ February 13, 2017 February 13, 2017

There are many challenges facing companies in today’s competitive environment. How do we manage our resources? How can we increase loyalty among our customers and acquire new customers? How do we stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant?  These are just a few questions that management and leadership have to face in today’s work environment.

The answer to these questions… “people.” Indeed, a company’s greatest asset and resource is its human resource.  An engaged, loyal, fulfilled group of people working together, regardless of obstacles, will likely always outperform a group of people who don’t feel that same connection with their roles and with the overall goals of the company.

So how can business leaders and managers help to create an engaged, loyal, and fulfilled group of people?  In an article posted on, “The Human Element: Your Most Important Business Resource”, CEO Zach Ferres offers some key steps that can help companies accomplish this.  These include tying individual goals to company goals, connecting with your customers on a deeper level, putting health first (prioritizing wellness and work-life balance), and centering yourself (leading with empathy). For the full article, click here.

Whether a person is an entry-level employee, manager, or top executive, as human beings, we generally all search for a level of understanding and empathy from those we surround ourselves with.  Finding understanding and empathy in the workplace can mean the difference between an employee just picking up a paycheck versus a committed and loyal employee who truly wants success for their company.