Thanksgiving Spotlight: 4 Reasons We’re Grateful for HR

/ November 24, 2021 November 24, 2021


In every company, the Human Resources department is the one that shapes the entire organization. Facilitating everything in the employee life cycle, creating and reinforcing new policies, and being the powerhouse of company culture are just a few of the ways HR remains the foundation of every business. With Thanksgiving tomorrow, here are a couple of reasons that we’re grateful for these professionals:

They Assemble Our Teams

Attracting great talent is what keeps company growth and development strong. HR teams are responsible for creating and displaying the right company image to draw in the very best. They then take part in sifting through hundreds of resumes and picking the appropriate candidates, saving us time and resources with their dedication to finding the right professional. And once a new hire starts, their job continues with integrating them into the company with onboarding.

They Work with Objectivity

There is no other department that keeps organizational goals prioritized above their own as often as HR does. They continue to manage company objectives, search for new opportunities for organizational expansion, and find benefits and solutions that make working for their company so special. 

They are Masters of Multitasking

Professionals in HR departments wear many hats on a day to day basis. Handling payroll, managing benefits, compliance law regulations, and the nightmare that is open-enrollment are just some of the incredibly important things this team is responsible for. On top of all this HR is responsible for maintaining the wellbeing of employees, whether this means mediation, advice, or just simply listening in any situation: they’re always there. 

They Make Our Work Family 

HR teams are the heart of every company, creating cultures that are inclusive and accepting of every employee. Having this support within an organization is what makes it unique and what keeps team members engaged and invested in growth within the company. The family built by this team is at the center of all employee retention and future talent attraction, and we couldn’t be more grateful for it. 

This Thanksgiving we are thankful to all HR professionals and their ongoing work which continues to transform workplaces and their culture. Sending special gratitude to all those who contribute to this fantastic department!