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Mental Health First Aid Training: 3 Reasons Your Company Needs It

/ August 19, 2021 August 19, 2021

Given the current state of the world, mental health is a growing concern among companies and individuals alike. As it’s an individual’s state of mind, it affects their ability to work and, in many cases, their ability to function.

According to a study, employees with untreated mental health issues experience a 35% drop in productivity. As the conversation around mental health continues, it’s essential to know if employees can identify the signs and symptoms of untreated disorders.

Below are three reasons your organization should invest in mental health training:

Early Intervention 

As humans, we often let our own health needs come second to the demands of life, both personally and work-related.

With mental health first aid training (MHFA), employees learn signs and risk factors to watch for within themselves and others to catch these situations faster, avoiding long-term damage or unhealthy coping mechanisms, like substance abuse.

The longer mental health concerns go without being addressed, the longer the healing process may take. Early intervention can save lives and help employees seek much-needed help sooner than they may have on their own, which can help them sustain an overall healthy lifestyle.

Situation Management 

As employees’ work and home lives have blurred in the last year, their mental health struggles may carry over too. If a mental health crisis was to occur with someone else in the office, employees need to know how to manage the situation until professional help is available.

With MHFA training, team members will know how to assess the circumstances, determine whether immediate help is needed, and provide the right support for the person in need.

Being able to accurately provide the best resources to give someone struggling with mental health is the most important thing MHFA will give your employees.

Mental Health Problems are Common 

According to Johns Hopkins, about 26% of Americans over 18 struggle with mental health disorders each year. Two common disorders are ADHD and depression, but all disorders are both diagnosable and treatable with proper intervention.

Spreading awareness of this among company members only further helps the fight for mental well-being in your office and around the world. MHFA will provide the training needed when it comes time to tackle these likely situations head-on and reduces the stigma around mental health.

Mental health is something many employees struggle with, especially throughout the pandemic, and providing proper training is a necessary step to increasing your workplace’s overall wellness and productivity.

Instead of waiting for a crisis to occur, organizations should invest in MHFA training proactively and ensure employees are ready in advance.

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