How are You Going to Change the World Today?

/ September 6, 2016 September 6, 2016


Alone is something you’ll be quite a lot” Dr. Seuss – “…so is scared” Marcos Lopez.

I launched my business 20 years ago this week, and feel blessed to lead an organization that I can be very proud of.  Along the way, there have been so many incredible moments of joy and exuberance – and of course many proverbial kicks to the gut and punches to the face. Terrifying, painful and exciting all at once.  I was inspired to make a difference in the industry in which I have built a career, and also in the lives of the people that show up to work every day, the people we serve, and the community. We attempt – and are often successful – in having a profound impact on the people we serve. We listen attentively to needs, we care deeply and show compassion for the difficult situations our customers encounter, and we always offer a word of encouragement and support and leave the door wide open for more help when needed.

Although not part of my initial vision, we’ve gotten where we are by becoming a learning organization. We value knowledge attainment – internally and externally. As an organization, we’ve grown and become better versions of ourselves because we’ve remained committed to listening – to each other, to our clients, and to the community.

By becoming a learning organization and empowering my team, they are able to come to work with a purpose and bring their true selves and all they have to share, to our office every day. This shows that caring makes a difference, and can ultimately change the lives of the people we serve in some small, but very tangible way.

Changing the world doesn’t have to be a monumental task – but rather very important SMALL tasks that we can all take responsibility for, and accept moment by moment. Empowering our team to think and build and grow – and remain energized by what they have to give – ultimately allows them to take responsibility far beyond what we might ever expect from them. That’s what can move the needle on impact in changing lives – and the world.

At the end of the day, my role in this system is quite simple. I cheerlead and encourage and promote.  I try to bring energy and passion to the work we commit to do. It’s through surrounding myself with people that are willing to take risks, put themselves on the line and care enough to give more, that we are able to change the lives of those we touch.  Building and growing an organization is much more about the people than the brilliance of an idea.  If you happen to have both – you are fortunate beyond words.