Hiring Practices: All You Need for the New Year

/ November 5, 2021 November 5, 2021

As the year is coming to a rapid end, it’s time to begin thinking about new employment opportunities that your organization may offer, or about ones you’ve been having difficult times filling in the wake of the pandemic. Whether you’re planning on scaling operations or just recruiting more help for your teams, it’s important to have a strong recruitment strategy in place. Here are a few ways to strengthen your strategy to bring in new talent:

Job Listing Strategy

A job listing is often the first impression that candidates get of your company, so making it both relevant and appealing is important for attracting the best candidates, there are a few things to pay close attention to when creating yours. The first thing that pops up is the job title, so making sure that it’s as specific and traditional as possible will avoid any unnecessary confusion that may cause lost interest. Another is including details about exactly what you are looking for in a candidate such as important experience qualifications, the specific roles that the position you’re looking to fill would ask of the applicant, and thorough run-down of who your company is (i.e. company mission, values, services). And lastly, it’s helpful to include a few major parts of many job seeker’s search qualifications including a salary range, location, and benefits as many base where they apply heavily on these key job components.

Standardize Your Hiring Process

By following guidelines for each candidate being interviewed it’s an easier and more efficient way of comparing interviewees to one another based on the same criteria, eliminating bias and focusing most on how applicants would appropriately fit the position. The consistency also provides the same opportunity for each applicant to express how they would align with the job role criteria chosen, making for a seamless process when it comes to narrowing down who would support the role best. A standard process also reflects positively on the company, with a well organized recruitment and interview process it enhances the candidates’ experience, so whether or not they receive the job they still feel the process was a swift, fair, and positive one.

Thorough Candidate Screening

When choosing a candidate one of the most important things to consider is their background, both in a professional and personal way, to gage how well they will fill not only the job position they seek but also how well they will mesh with your company. This close examination will ensure you aren’t hiring members onto your staff who are unethical, have poor reputations, or will tarnish your brand values in any way. The top concern is always establishing whether or not they fill the job qualifications, however taking a look at past job positions and following up with references is a great way to decide if they will fit in with your company. Furthermore, conducting a standard background check and even examining social media is a good way to see who you’re hiring and how they present themselves to the world.

Keep Candidates Informed

As you go through the hiring process, it often takes a few weeks to thoroughly conduct interviews and evaluate all the applicants you have. This process is fundamental to picking the best person for the position, however it can be stressful as candidates wait to hear back about whether or not they are moving forward in the hiring process. Keeping them informed is a respectful way to conduct your decisions and allow them to make personal decisions about their own job-search process. Sending follow-up emails with information about approximately when they should expect to hear from you is a great way to do this. There are also times when candidates may simply not be the best fit for the position, and communicating this to them directly allows them to continue their search with gratitude for your company’s respect for their time.

Strengthening your hiring process will attract the top talent you are looking for to support your organization in reaching its goals. By promoting it in the right way, having a seamless process, and using strong communication, both your company and any applicants it has in the new year will benefit. Start restructuring your’s today!