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Creating an Environment of Inclusion for LGBT Employees

/ June 9, 2016 June 9, 2016

After a successful seminar where we explored the topic: “My employee is transgender…How can we make this a positive experience” it’s clear that ensuring your work environment is inclusive and free of discrimination is most for all employers. We have put together a number of resources that will provide guidance on how to structure your policies, processes and training’s so your business can be a supportive workplace.

Helpful Links and Resources:

Upcoming Events:

  • Trans-Health Conference
    • Sponsored by the Mazzoni Center. Three days of education and community building.
    • Pennsylvania Convention Center
      • Located at: 129 N. Broad St Philadelphia PA 19107
      • June 9th– June 10th

Legal Resources:

Best Practices for Employers:

Helpful Resources for ID Documentation by State.