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5 TED Talks That Help You Start (and Maintain) Good Habits

/ January 18, 2017 January 18, 2017


You’ve probably heard the saying, “old habits die hard.” It’s true…breaking bad habits can be a difficult task. So, instead of trying to break the bad, why not try to form the good.¬†Forming good habits is one of the few ways you can create better, healthier, and more productive behavior. But how do you start these great habits? And how do you get them to stick?

With the help of, Exude has put together a list of 5 TED Talks that offer some powerful answers to these questions. See below for a playlist on creating better habits:

1. Why Dieting Doesn’t Usually Work | Sandra Aadmodt

2. Why Some People Find Exercise Harder Than Others | Emily Balcetis

3. Try Something New for 30 Days | Matt Cutts

4. How to Live to Be 100+ | Dan Buettner

5. How to Practice Emotional First Aid | Guy Winch