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3 Most Common Errors to Avoid When Submitting Short Term Disability Claims

/ November 1, 2017 November 1, 2017

Short Term Disability coverage insures a certain level of income in the event of non-work related disability (work related disability goes through Workers Compensation).  The duration of benefits is typically 13-26 weeks and is subject to attending physician information on the disability.  The standard duration for disability for maternity is six weeks for vaginal delivery and eight weeks for a caesarian section delivery.

Below are three of the most common errors to be aware of when completing Short Term Disability Claims:

1. Missing a portion of the claim when submitted (Statement of Employee, Authorization for Release of Information, Employer Statement, Attending Physician Statement).

2. A member’s personal information is not completely filled out on all forms.

3. Missing doctor’s notes and/or reason for disability on Attending Physician Statement.

The most common reason for a delay in the processing of Short Term Disability claims is when all portions of the claim (listed in number one above) are not submitted at the same time. Any missing information could delay processing for an additional 1-2 weeks.  The carrier will reach out directly to the member for any missing information.

However, for the fastest processing and payment on Short Term Disability claims, be sure that all three of the above are completed and submitted at the same time.