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3 Fundamental Benefits of Telemedicine

/ September 22, 2017 September 22, 2017

Telemedicine is quickly becoming a staple in the health industry and employers and employees are not only asking for it but demanding that their plan offerings include it. With its increasing popularity, Telemedicine allows employees to consult with a board-certified physician without having to leave their office or the comforts of their home.

So what exactly does Telemedicine offer patients? Below are just some of the benefits employees get to take advantage of using Telemedicine.

Convenience– Gone are the days where you have to find the time to schedule a doctor’s appointment that ends up taking up most of your day! Through Skype or video chat or even a simple phone call, Telemedicine cuts out all the inconveniences and makes it easy for patients to be seen.

Cost Savings– With healthcare costs continuing to rise, many doctors are now charging less for a Telemedicine consultation than they do for an in-person visit. Pair this with not having to take off work and possibly forgoing income and not having travel to and from your doctor’s office, and patients could really see a decrease in their out of pocket expenses just for using Telemedicine.

Accessibility-One of the least valued benefits of Telemedicine is the access patients have to doctors. If you live in or around a big city, you most likely have dozens of top doctors at your fingertips to choose from. Living in a more rural or urban area, you could be looking at a drive of an hour or two just to see a good doctor. With Telemedicine, all patients now have access to quality healthcare regardless of their location.