• Did you know that healthier, happier people can be more effective on the job?

    In turn, they can have a healthier, happier impact on others in your organization. Karla offers innovative, results-based solutions and tools designed to reduce health claims & costs, improve corporate culture, and foster healthier, and highly effective workplaces

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  • Need Help Managing Costs?

    In the past year we've saved our clients an average of 26.6% when transitioning from Fully-Insured to Self-Insured arrangements. Self-funding will give you the flexibility and transparency needed to rein in your costs for the long-term.

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  • Sick of Renewal Increases?

    Over the past two years, while healthcare trend has averaged 6.5%, our clients have enjoyed seeing no increase.

    How is this possible? Check out our scientific approach to consulting here.

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