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At Exude, we believe coaching is about creating intentional focus and generating new momentum.  Focus is about the why.  In coaching, the why could be about strategy, performance, team development, career pathing, or a variety of other topics.  We are all people first and employees second, and so sometimes coaching is about the business, sometimes it’s about the person, and many times it’s both.  In terms of generating new momentum, an external coach is intended to be a catalyst that first starts with listening and understanding where the client is at, and then identifies paths forward to generate motion in the new direction.  Through deep conversation and drawing on years of experience, our Exude coaches guide clients in a healthy, positive, and confidential manner to set them up for future success.

Leadership coaching is essential to sustainable and impactful leadership development. Whether it be executive coaching for your C-Suite or leadership development coaching for your up and coming leaders, our leadership training program will increase organizational effectiveness and help your employees grow both personally and professionally.

Our Exude leadership coaches drive All Things People by focusing on increasing self-awareness, caring for the whole person, and propelling new momentum. We work our coaching, both one-on-one or in groups of three, on three key situations:

  • Onboarding

    Leaders in new jobs need support. Whether the new gig is in a new organization or the same, onboarding expects a leader build new momentum quickly. This relationship inspires the right balance of ambition and patience to set a new leader up for short- and long-term success.

  • Development

    Leaders are hungry to keep growing and moving. They want to feel the love from their employer in a way that keeps them whole, keeps them fresh, and keeps them learning. This relationship drives discovery of and clarity in how, why, and where a leader can stretch for more.

  • Transformation

    Leaders are called upon to reinvent. As leaders design, develop and implement change, having an expert guide and a private sounding board can be very meaningful. This relationship balances the right focus on the work and on the leader to make change happen.

Our Leadership Coaching Process

Prior to starting the engagement, we make sure we choose the leadership coach that is the best fit for our client and continue to monitor the effectiveness and value of the coach throughout the process.  Once the engagement begins, we conduct a leadership coaching kickoff exercise which includes a meeting with the leader and five key interviews (one being their manager) to establish a baseline. There is also an option for completing the Birkman assessment at this time. From this foundation of insights, a development plan is defined for the 6-month period with specific growth goals. With each monthly sprint, there are two 45-minute meetings per month. In the last month, the closeout exercise re-interviews the group of five from the kickoff exercise. The final step is a meeting between the leader, their manager, and the coach to agree on an action plan that continues to drive progress.

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What Makes Exude Different?

  1. Every coaching relationship provides the leader an opportunity to specifically identify their focus on (1) leadership, (2) diversity, equity & inclusion, and (3) wellness.
  2. While you have a primary coach that works with you through the entire coaching relationship, we have other coaches in leadership, DEI, wellness, and other areas that you can include.

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

  • Improves skills in managing employees, partners, and interactions with peers
  • Provides growth opportunities for high performing employees to achieve their full potential
  • Assists in the transition of newly hired leaders or managers to excel in their new role
  • Supports leaders during times of organizational change
  • Drives leaders effectiveness, efficiency and innovation

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Marcos Lopez, Founder & CEO

Working Together For You

We have a firm belief that when we help your people be the best versions of themselves, your company will be its best. Our integrated approach leverages our team of experts to improve your employee and customer experiences while driving greater business results.

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